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    Hi folks,

    I’ve surfed and read and surfed and read and I’m pretty sure if I look in the mirror, my face would be blue.

    My three dogs currently eat Whole Earth Farms grain-free food and I rotate between the flavors except for chicken. I had thought maybe my oldest Shar-Pei/Lab mix (7) would do better without it. There’s no real way for me to tell, though, so now I’m thinking of re-introducing chicken due to them.

    It’s just incredibly difficult, it seems, to find a dog food that’s affordable, made for seniors and/or reduced activity dogs, that doesn’t have peas/potatoes/legumes/fillers but does have a good selection of fruits/vegetables which also provides joint health (bonus since I can always continue with supplements).

    Maybe I’m being too selective. Holistic Select seems to come up a lot in various articles and reviews I’ve read – peas are the third ingredient. potatoes are the fifth.

    Fromm Gold reduced activity doesn’t have much for fruits/vegetables in it and potatoes are the 6th ingredient.

    Canidae Platinum Senior — potatoes/peas as well as Canidae Reduced Energy – same thing.

    Should I not be as concerned about these ingredients if my dogs are older? I would think it’d be the opposite. I’m so lost.
    I would welcome suggestions and information, please.


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    Christine W

    My one Pug is 11,she runs like she is 5,i feed her Wellness reduced fat,it does have some of those ingredients,however? it is a 5 star food (dry) my 4 year old also eats it,when she wants.It also is not on the list linked to the heart problems with the taurine.

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    Hi Kimberley. It might be helpful in enabling others to respond better if you could tell us what about a formulation you are looking for, in terms of it being for seniors/reduced activity.

    Among senior dogs, there can be different needs between them for fat, protein, calories, etc. I never fed my last senior dog a specifically labelled “senior” or “reduced activity” formula; neither did my vets direct me to do so. I fed a variety of diets and supplemented based on my dog’s individual needs.

    Since you mentioned reduced activity, are you looking for a food with lower calories per cup so that you can provide more volume? Lowfat? What else?

    Also . . . some formulas that might be a good fit for your senior dogs, in whatever you’re looking for in nutrients, may not necessarily be labelled for senior dogs.

    Re HS, there are grain inclusive & no legumes/potatoes formulas. They make various formulas. Are you referring to one specifically labelled for seniors? For now, I think the most cautious approach does include avoiding GF & legume or potato heavy formulas.

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    I wish I could answer that but, frankly, I’m not sure. My oldest (lab/shar-pei) is 7 and I had one vet tell me he was overweight and the other said he was fine. He’s about 69 pounds at the moment but he’s been having some joint issues lately so he’s moved around even less than he normally does. To say he’s energetic would be an absolute lie.

    My middle dog is supposed to be around 4-5 (lab/aussie mostly) and he’s 85 lbs – he’s the one that could stand to lose weight and as gray as his face is, I often wonder if he’s not older than we were told.

    The youngest is 5 years old, about 17 lbs. (chi/spaniel) and has more energy than the boys. She doesn’t have a weight problem nor is she considered a senior. I’m not sure how to handle her food needs if I switch to a senior food for the oldest.

    None of my dogs go crazy for their food. They are accustomed to being fed three meals a day equal to the suggested servings on the food. The middle dog, Reggie, is the only one who will regularly eat his food but even lately he’s not been eating as he has in the past. The oldest dog, ShyGuy, and the youngest, Yoshi, will often leave meals and eat when they feel like it.

    This may be more information than needed, I know. Ideally, I need Reggie to lose about 15 pounds and ShyGuy to lose 5 at most, I think, but I’m concerned that what they’re getting in the Whole Earth Farms may be too much for their lazier days. The HS food I was referring to is called “Holistic Select Senior Health Chicken Meal & Lentils Recipe Dry Dog Food”

    The top senior dog foods listed on DFA all have the peas/potatoes listed and, yes, I’m trying to avoid those because of the most recent information about them.

    The information out there is just so overwhelming.

    I appreciate you taking the time to ask for clarification. Not sure if what I’ve provided helps or not.


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    If you’re looking for a wet topper, Weruva canned/pouch recipes are available in pea/pot free options and they are low calorie/fat. There isn’t much fruit/veg/joint supplements in dog food. I would just give those in addition to the kibble.

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    We recently started our dogs on Fromm Weight Management Gold and are already seeing excellent results.!!-10!!
    Click on “weight control”

    Also, if you are going by the recommended daily amount on the bag, I would cut it down to the very lowest amount recommended per day, divided in 2 meals not 3.

    And I would not leave food down/free feed. Feed them in separate dishes, pick up the food if they don’t eat or want to finish and serve at the next meal (cover and store in the fridg)
    Let them skip a meal if they want after all you want them to lose weight, right.
    Make sure they always have fresh water available.

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    I used to feed both Whole Earth Farms and Fromm to my dogs as well. In light of the recent discovery of NM DCM in dogs, I have switched to Purina ProPlan Large Breed Weight Management kibble along with a dollop of ProPlan canned. They are doing great and have even lost some weight! I highly recommend!

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    Thanks, everyone!

    We don’t free freed. However, if we don’t remember to pick up their bowls when they’re done (3 areas, 3 separate bowls), *someone* who shall remain nameless but is formally called Reggie, will occasionally go over and finish it for them.

    I put these foods in my cart at chewy as possibilities. Didn’t Wellness have recalls?
    I’m taking into consideration that because it’s labeled “senior” doesn’t mean it’s the best choice. I’m trying to keep with a 23%/11%/5% guideline that DFA (or somewhere) deemed as being good for a senior ratio.

    I’ve also got my little dog to consider, too, and I’d rather not buy her different food than the boys if I can help it.

    Health Extension Lite Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food, 30-lb bag
    VICTOR Senior Healthy Weight Dry Dog Food, 40-lb bag
    Wellness Complete Health Senior Deboned Chicken & Barley Recipe Dry Dog Food, 30-lb bag
    Royal Canin Golden Retriever Adult Dry Dog Food, 30-lb bag
    Holistic Select Adult Health Chicken Meal & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food, 30-lb bag
    American Natural Premium Original Recipe Dry Dog Food, 40-lb bag
    Dr. Gary’s Best Breed Holistic Senior Reduced Calorie Dry Dog Food, 30-lb bag

    I think for today we’re going to get a small bag of the Health Extension (Vet’s Choice). I like that they don’t have any recalls and that they’re a small family business. There’s not a lot of fruit/veggies but I’ve got to compromise on something since I don’t think there’s a dog food out there that has it all.

    I also appreciate the personal recommendations as that goes a long way over the impersonal articles.

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    And, of course, my local WM doesn’t have the Health Extension.
    Pet Supplies plus didn’t have the Holistic Select that I was looking at so we went with a small bag of Victor senior and we’ll see where to go from there.

    I’d still welcome personal recommendations!

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