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    Melody G

    I have a Siberian Husky. She is almost 2yrs old. She seems to have a sensitive stomach. Currently she is on a lamb dry food. She was on chicken but we switched to lamb to see if it helped her, and it has not. After doing some research, I want to try a Limited Ingredient food for sensitive stomachs, but am undecided if I should stick with lamb, or try fish? I see a lot of Salmon and sweet potato. Does it matter? Or have you seen better results in the digestion when feeding your dog a specific protein in their food?
    I have been looking on Chewy dot com and have a few brands that interested me. Just not sure which one to pick? Merrick (which she ate when we first picked her up as a pup, just not a LID one, she got bored with it after a while), Natural Balance, Wellness, Chicken soup for the soul dog food, Canidae..SO MANY OPTIONS!

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    Jacob Knobel

    Hey Melody,

    Disclosure: I’m one of the founders of a new dog food company called YaDoggie.

    We have a Limited Ingredient Turkey & Pea recipe that we sell that works very well for dogs with sensitive stomachs. The type of protein really doesn’t matter too much — each dog has their own preferences and allergies, and many times, if trying a bunch of different proteins hasn’t helped, it’s usually some other common ingredient in the food that is causing the issues. That’s why trying a Limited Ingredient food, no matter the protein, can be helpful.

    We offer a first bag for $1, shipped to your door, so it’s super easy to try and see if you like it. We’d love your feedback.

    P.S. – Use my code KNOBEL to get a $20 credit when you sign up.

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    Consider Zignature whitefish, check Chewy dot com for nutritional info and reviews.

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    Mike Sagman


    Thanks for your post. However, please take a moment to review our Commenting Policy which states:

    “…if you have a vested interest in a business, please do not use this website as a means to distribute free samples or coupons, offer discounts or conduct product marketing and/or website promotional activities.”

    Thanks for your cooperation.

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    Jacob Knobel

    Hey Mike,

    My apologies — I did read through the policy and thought I was following it. I disclosed and had my real name, but I guess I didn’t set it as my “Display Name”, which I’ve just figured out how to do.

    Was the issue with putting a discount code? I can definitely not do that, but just want to confirm that’s what the issue was.

    Thanks & Apologies for annoying the thread with this, but I didn’t see a way to reply privately.

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