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    We got our puppy at 4 weeks due to mom’s milk drying up. Layla was being fed Pedigree canned puppy food. I knew I didn’t want to keep her on that so started researching about better dog foods. Started her on 4- health Grain Free. But was told at her 9 week appt that she should be on a large breed puppy food because of calcium levels….. more research…. found this site and found Blue wilderness large breed puppy with a 5 star rating. After purchasing, I decided to scroll through a couple of the threads and noticed that this brand is also considered too high in calcium for my large breed puppy….. so in wanting to do what is best for my puppy I decided to research homemade dog foods(made my brain hurt!!!) I think it would be best for me to start with a pre-mix first!

    My question, what would be the best pre-mix for a large breed puppy that would have the right amount of calcium?

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    Congrats on your new pup. Also kudos to you for trying to start this pup out right. Especially since she is having a rough start without her mamma. I don’t think that the Hound Dog Mom has any of the premixes on her approved list. But, I’m not sure why. I ordered See Spot Live Longer Dinner mix last week and am anxiously waiting for its arrival. But, I have no idea how to keep the calcium levels at the appropriate range for a LB pup. I’m “bumping up your post so that someone with more home made food for large breed pups experience shows up. I know that has several recipes, but not sure if Ok for your pup. Good luck with your pup. I’m sure she is adorable.

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