Best Meat Protein for a Sensitive Stomach ?

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    Anissa M

    I am trying to figure out which is the best meat protein in dry dog foods for a sensitive stomach…I hear that lamb is good, beef is harder to digest, chicken/turkey/duck is good as well. Or is a combo of meat proteins better such as chicken and lamb ? I am currently feeding Canidae Life Stages with good success. I am feeding Diamond Beef meal and Rice and have fed it for years until they changed their recipe and one of my bloodhound decided that it was horrible stuff and it completely unsettled her system where as she went off her food for over 2 days even when I tried to mix new with old slowly. The rest of my bloodhounds are fine on the new Diamond. Has anyone else had a problem with the ‘new’ Diamond ? So I started her on the Canidae and she immediately loved it with no problems. I was looking at Merrick Lamb and Apple but I am concerned with just the one meat protein instead of a combo…Comments ?

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    Hi, I find kibbles with just one meat better, then you buy another kibble with a different meat, then rotate them… I think when there’s 1 meat in the kibble, companies are putting that meat in but when its 3 different meats u dont know what they’re putting more of, so I prefer to buy a single protein kibble… Kangaroo is the leanest of all the meats…In Austraila we have Kangaroo everywhere but in America I dont know…

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    Hey, I have a bloodhound, too! I think that protein sensitivities vary from dog to dog. My girl is intolerant to poultry, so right now she eats Wellness Simple Healthy Weight Salmon and Peas. The single protein source helps you discover exactly which ones your dog is intolerant to. You might know that your dog doesn’t do well on a certain food, but if it has lamb, turkey, and fish, it could be any of those meats. Dixie does well with venison, fish, and buffalo.

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