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    Nadia K

    My bichon currently eats kibble in the morning and Stella and Chewy freeze dried raw patties in the evening. She absolutely loves the Stella patties and not so keen on the kibble. I would like to transition her to all raw. Being that freeze dried food is so expensive, I am going to try frozen raw as it is a little better priced.
    For those of you that currently feed or have in the past, which frozen raw do you like the best? Did your dog do particularly well with a certain brand? There are so many brands that it is hard to choose even after reading numerous reviews. Besides Stella and Chewy my local pet shop carries Primal, Answers, Tuckers, Small Batch, Instinct and a few others I believe. Thanks for your help.

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    Bethann C

    In my opinion, Answers frozen raw food is the best. It’s fermented, and is complete and balanced for dogs of any age. I feed both of my dogs Answers. And have done so since they were puppies. They have a variety of Products, all of which my dogs love. I highly recommend Answers.

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    Nadia K

    Thank you Bethann C. Answers is one of the brands I am considering.

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