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    robert a


    Would really appreciate it if y’all would help guide me in finding out what would be the best food for my diabetic husky. He is about 7 years old, and I’m constantly on the defensive when it comes to his skin.

    Not knowing any better and being a bit too trusting, he was eating Pedigree. After his diagnosis I’ve moved on to the Wellness brand. The one I buy is marketed as being good for skin and having fish in it(Which I just learned wasn’t included in the Editors Choice). His skin has improved a bit after changing to it, but he can’t stand the taste of it.

    I’ve decided to look elsewhere in hopes that there might be a better dry food out there for him. Especially because there are times where he just won’t want to eat it, forcing me to change his insulin dose way too often.

    Would really appreciate your help, thank you so much for your time!

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    ZiwiPeak freeze dried raw. No freezing or mixing. Ingredients listed on Chewy.com

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    Susan W

    Contact VeRUS for a sample of their foods. (www.veruspetfoods.com) Each of their formulas is suitable for a diabetic dog. Most dog foods contain simple carbohydrates which are more difficult to digest, have empty calories, and raise blood sugar rapidly. VeRUS’ formulas offer complex carbohydrates, which slowly release glucose and energy into the body, as well as being metabolized better to reduce fat storage. This means there will not be a quick influx of sugars into the body, like the simple carbs do.
    I have had really good luck with their Advanced Opticoat formula. My dogs aren’t diabetic but my little one is diet sensitive and extremely incredibly itchy when she ISN’T eating the Opticoat. This formula is also made with fish but it isn’t gross fishy smelling and it isn’t greasy or sticky. Picky little dog loves it, too.
    VeRUS doesn’t get the greatest ranking on this website and I’m not really sure why. They have never had a recall (in more than 20 years). When you fill out their contact form, an actual person will email you, answer/ask questions, and send you samples. Nice samples.

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    Maria K

    I would avoid Pedigree, ZiwiPeak freeze dried raw, and VeRUS. Wellness is a hard brand because not all of their foods are created equal when it comes to quality. I am using Acana’s Regional Ranchlands formula right now and my dog is thriving on it!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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