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    Dina H

    I had this dog on Fromm’s Adult Classics, Chicken and Brown Rice, a mid tier food. I decided to ‘upgrade’ her to Acana Lamb and Origaken Apple…first two days, all well (feeding twice a day 1 cup a day for a 50 lb dog) but yesterday up it all came. This is a very nervous insecure dog. I can maybe see an ultrasound in my future as well; but I am wondering what everyone else feeds their sensitive stomach dog? She was okay on the Fromm, though again, would wolf the food down and sometimes have issues. The vomiting far too frequent for my liking.

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    Janice K

    My Doberman, Kyzer, is hyper and has a very sensitive tummy and I have him and my 4 Standard Poodles on Fromm Salmon Tunalini and he has done well for 4 years now. Have you tried the slow eater dog bowl ?

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    Dina H,
    Did you add the Acana to the Fromm? Or did you just start the Acana solo?
    The fat & protein content in the Acana may be higher than she is used to with the Fromm.
    Maybe just give her some boiled chicken & canned pumpkin or sweet potato for a few days to allow her tummy to rest .Then slowly add the Acana to the Fromm it could take weeks until she is ready to go on the Acana solo.
    Durapet makes a stainless slow-feed bowl -my 2 have them -it does make them slow down a bit. Drs Foster & Smith sell them.

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    It sounds like you might have made an abrupt switch, to which your pup isn’t accustomed. I would go back to the Fromm until things stabilize. When it’s time to start trying the Acana again, switch slowly by adding in a small amount of the Acana to a reduced portion of the Fromm. Try an 80 / 20 ratio to start. Only after your pup is stable on that ratio and has firm, formed stool for several days, is it time to increase the new and decrease the old.

    Make sure to compare calories. The Acana may have more calories than the Fromm. Adjust your ratio and the amount you feed accordingly.

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    Dina H

    I was assured by the woman at Pet Valu that I didn’t have to do the slow transition. This is a dog that was born here. I do rescue and of the 5 in the litter, she was the typical ‘middle’ child, always sensitive and insecure. I think that may have some bearing. She was adopted and her owner had her on Blue Buffalo Life Protection Formula Adult Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Dry Dog Food. She was returned to me bec owner was moving (boo) and that is the food I was transitioning from. I had read about the connection between Blue Buffalo and Diamond and decided to part ways with it. She has always had intermittent bouts of diarrhea; no parasites…she has been checked and she has been treated with panacur and metro a month ago. I think what I will do is get a small bag of the Blue Buffalo that she was on and slowly segue her to the Acana but will go with the Acana chicken this time. As well as replace that slow feeder bowl that one of my dogs decided was a toy. (:

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    Unless you know that your dog can do a cold-turkey change, I always advise a slow transition.

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    Jane E

    Pure Vita seems to so well with dogs with sensitive guts…. But I always transition slowly with dogs who have ANY history of digestive issues. She just may be one of those that don’t tolerate change…period…and as much as it pains us to leave them on a lesser food because we think another label just reads better…we sometimes have to

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