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    I will be getting my own little Shih Tzu puppy in early December. He will be about 4.5 to 5 months old when I get him. He is a very small little guy; the breeder predict he will be about 6.5 lbs fully grown. I know the breeder feeds her puppies Royal Canin Mini Puppy. She’s very enthusiastic about how great a food it is for her small breed puppies, but I haven’t seen very positive reviews of Royal Canin on here. What do y’all say would be the best thing for my little guy both when I first bring him home and then as he gets older? I would of course like to get as much quality for as little cost as possible. I want something that is good and healthy for my little guy, but I am still a College student paying for all my own expenses.

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    Leave him on RC at first so you don’t upset his tummy while he is missing his old home. After he is used to his new home, feeding a rotational diet is best. This means finding a few foods that he does well on and switching between them. A rotational diet helps to keep their gut healthy.

    I’ll have to leave it to someone else to suggest small kibbles that are a good price. I only know a few small kibbles and not necessarily at a good price. I can recommend NutriSource Small and Medium Breed as being easy to transition to and a decent quality at a good price. Have fun with your new puppy!

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    The size of Earthborn kibbles are pretty small. They are good inexpensive kibbles.

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    Natures Logic has teeny kibbles.

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