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    Hi! I’ve been feeding my 6 month old Doberman / pitbull puppy Blue Buffalo puppy food but he still gets diarrhea fairly regularly. There’s no other symptoms (he’s still playful, happy, eating, drinking etc) we have been to the vet and they say he’s a healthy boy. However he still (especially when he’s excited) gets diarrhea. I’m wondering if maybe the food isn’t fully agreeing with him. Any suggestions on a decent food that may be easier on his tummy? Thanks all!!

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    A LOT of people are reporting diarrhea problems with BB foods. Try NutriSource for an easy to transition to food.

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    HI Dexter-

    While its true that many people have had issues as of late with BB, if your dogs diarrhea increases when he is excited(stressed) I have to wonder if its not a mild form of stress colitis? I would suggest asking your vet about this as well Many dogs with IBD/Colitis present with mild runs as youngsters and its often not caught until the dogs is older and more damage has been done.

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    Hi Dexter, I don’t have anything helpful to add regarding your puppy’s problem, I just want to ask if you can PLEASE post a picture of your puppy? Pretty please! Dobies & pitbulls are my absolute favorite breeds & I’d LOVE to see a pic of a cross of the 2. I’ve only ever seen one “doberbull” & he was absolutely amazing looking! Thanks! 🙂

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    Melissaandcrew had a great suggestion to consider. Some Dobies and Pitties are complete garbage guts and nothing bothers them, but there are many of them that get stress colitis easily and there are things you can do to help, if you know what you are dealing with.

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