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    Erin N

    Hi I am a newbie to this site and owning a dog. Our family just adopted our first puppy and we are smitten!! “Charlie” is 9 weeks old. His mom is a lab/shepard mix. We don’t know what the dad was. The foster mom and vet are guessing he could grow to be 40-50 pounds.
    The foster mom was feeding him Great Life dry dog food (Salmon) so we are continuing to do that for consistency. I see it is only rate 3.5 stars on this site and I would like to feed him a 5 star food for the best health possible.
    He has had diarrhea since we brought him home a week ago. I’ve been giving him a little organic pumpkin with his dry dog food and it seems to help a bit but I would like to transition him to a 5 star food that could also help with the lose stool.
    I would so appreciate any dog food brand recommendations any of you may have. Thank you in advance for your help!!!!!

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    First thing, I would make an appointment to have him seen by a veterinarian asap
    Puppies are vulnerable to dehydration. Then, if the vet approves, I would feed him something bland like boiled hamburger and rice. Ideally he could have stayed with the mother and sibs for another 2-3 weeks.

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    Here is Dr. Becker’s turkey and pumpkin recipe for stomach issues.

    You may consider probiotics and enzymes to help with stomach problems, maximum absorption of nutrients and immune function. They can be used every day. I always keep Perfect Form by Honest Kitchen on hand which is a miracle supplement.

    I agree with anonymous that you should get the puppy to the vet, and bring a stool sample. If antibiotics are recommend, make sure to use probiotics after finishing prescription so good bacteria are replenished.

    After home cooking, I’ve found the freeze dried and dehydrated foods to be the best for stomach and health, and the only kibble type food my pups have no issues with is air dried like Real Meat Pet Food, Only Natural Air Dried Max or Ziwi Peak.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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