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    Linda C

    I could not find this topic, but please guide me if I missed. I usually feed my CKCS Acana, and I am looking for help determining the best food for a female that is pregnant. Not just before whelping, but lactating as well. I am trying Nature’s Variety INSTINCT RAW BOOST which has 38% protein and 20% fat. In the past, I have always felt most dog foods were too low in fat for this situation.

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    Brenda C

    Hi Linda

    I am searching for the same info, for a newly pregnant French Bulldog. She has been on Natural Balance Rabbit because of a very mild allergy (the stud has no allergies what-so-ever), but i don’t see a puppy/pregnant bitch formula in any of their range.

    I swear by Acana and Orjen for all of my other dogs, but would still appreciate also hearing from other forum members for food recommendations for pregnant bitches.

    Can anyone out there tell us your reproductive food faves?


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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hi Brenda & Linda –

    Pregnant bitches should be fed a high quality food appropriate for puppies or all life stages. All of Orijen’s formulas would be acceptable, all of Acana’s formulas with the exception of the Adult Large Breed, Senior Dog and Light & Fit would be appropriate and all of Natural Balance’s foods with the exception of their Fat Dogs formula, their Vegetarian formula and their Ultra Reduced Calorie formula would work as well. Personally, however, the only Natural Balance formula I would feel comfortable feeding to a pregnant or lactating bitch would be the Synergy formula – the other are all too low in fat and protein for my liking and I feel it would be difficult to maintain body condition on those foods. I would also highly recommend mixing in a quality canned food with high levels of protein and fat with whichever dry food you choose, this will not only aid in further increasing the protein and fat levels of of the kibble but will also increase the moisture level in the diet helping to keep her hydrated and increase the palatability (many bitches tend to not eat enough to support the high energy demands of pregnancy and lactation so this is important).

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    Brenda C

    The NB definitely sounds like a good choice based on your recommendation and the review it gets. My problem is that I live in Canada and have not been able to locate it, thus far.

    Hound Dog Mom, are there other foods for puppies and pregnant moms that in your experience you would recommend as well?

    Thank you for your help!

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    Brenda C

    Oops, edit – I am referring to the NB Syngery, above.

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