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    What is the best dog food for police K9’s. I have my dog on Purina Pro Plan Sport 30/20 as recommended by the kennel. Is there an article on police K9 nutrition? Or if not, could you do a study on this? Thanks!!!

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    I don’t mean to sound stupid but why would the fact your dog is a K9 dog have any bearing on what he eats? Do you mean because he’s very active? Dr Tim’s food is used by sled dog teams, would be worth looking at.

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    If you’re wanting to get away from Purina, Nutrisource has a Performance 30/20 and Super Performance 32/21 formulas. Your active dog can use a diet high in protein and fat. Of course a good raw meaty bone (RMB) would be great for him too.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    I agree with Sandy – active dogs should have high fat/high protein foods that are calorie-dense. Just because he’s a “police K9” wouldn’t make his dietary needs significantly different than another other highly active dog. I have two extremely active bloodhounds and they eat a grain-free raw diet with protein levels ranging from 45% – 55% and fat levels ranging from 30% – 40%. We keep carbohydrate levels low. Inked Marie had a great suggestion with Dr. Tim’s (I’d recommend the Momentum formula which is 35/25). The NutriSource Super Performance mentioned by Sandy is another good option. Some other dry performance foods I’d recommend checking out: Native Performance Level 4 (35/25), Pro Pac High Performance (30/20), Artemis Pro Power (30/20), Victor Hi Pro Plus (30/20), Redpaw X-Series Perform 3 (32/20), RedPaw Poweredge 38K (38/25) and Abady Maintenance and Stress (32/29).

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    Parker W

    Not trying to sound like a dick but Jesus christ purina is literally the worst kibble you can get….. kibble is bad in general….. either feed orijen kibble or go with a premade raw diet or a balanced homemade raw diet

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