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    i have a cockapoo ( cocker spaniel- poodle) and I was wondering what type of food we should use because he doesn’t seem to like the food we are using now (Purina one beyond dry). It is hard to find a good type of food for my dog because of his sensitive skin. Advise would be appreciated.

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    joanne l

    If you want to stay with Purina, try their sensitive skin and stomach, they have two, lamb and oatmeal and salmon and rice. It is the pro plan line.

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    How old is he? a lot in dependent on age when it comes to food

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    Diana C

    Well, They can both eat wet canned food and dry foods.
    The food should contain high protein and low carbohydrate also have good taste.
    That’s why I feed my cockapoo with raw meat and bones because I think it is better than any pedigree and bakers etc and i also recommend you the same.

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