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    Cindy S

    I have malshi and shorkie. Recently been getting plugged up and poop hard clumps at times. Looking 4 good dog food that may help. I have fed nature’s variety for years without an issue. Been trying mineral oil and pumpkin but dont want do daily. Any thoughts??

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    Patricia A

    Cindy does she drink sufficient water? Maybe add canned with the kibble for the moisture or moisten kibble. Adding a little rehydrated with warm water. freeze dried such as Stella and Chewy’s or Primal freeze dried will help since these have veggies for the fiber added. Add slowly as a topper.

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    Has the dog been to the vet?
    When a dog has a sudden change in appetite, behavior, bathroom habits; it is best to rule out medical issues for the cause before assuming the condition is related to diet.

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    Cindy S

    Hasn’t been vet for that but plan on. Has had b4 they not considered. Feed green bean or pumpkin but need daily. Hard with 2 other dogs control eating. She’s the oldest, like human I guess need more fiber. Thanks 4 response. I will look into a few options

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    Is Nature’s Variety raw?? When raw diet is too high in bone this can cause constipation..
    My boy has IBD mainly stomach & he does really well on Wellness Core, Wellness Simple Turkey & Potato, Canidae Pure Meadow Senior & Canidae Pure Wild kibbles…
    Actually dogs need less fiber or no fiber, Patches vet told me, a dogs digestive tract is short made to digest a raw meat diet..

    If your looking for a kibble look at “Canidae Pure Meadow Senior” & “Wellness Core Senior” kibbles they both are high meat protein, low in carbs & the Canidae Pure Meadow formula is lower in fat 10.8% max & is very high in Omega oils for ageing joints & bones..

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    Cindy S

    Thanks Susan. I feed nature variety grain free limited ingredient, so not really raw.

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    Emma b

    Thanks to all for your valuable suggestions, in fact I too am dealing with the same issue with my dog, will definitely try these things which you guys have suggested.

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    Patricia V

    I am a big fan of Answers Raw Goat Milk. It helped my dog who suffered from major digestion issues. Here’s a link with some info
    Best of luck.

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