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    Stephanie S

    I’m trying to find a good food for my 11 week old male rough collie. He is currently eating Blue Wilderness Large Breed Puppy but I’m concerned that it might have too much calcium in it which I know isn’t good for large breed puppies. Also, he doesn’t seem to really like it. I have read many articles on the internet and I am more confused than ever because they all seem to have conflicting information. Some say to feed grain free and some say that grain free isn’t good for large breed puppies. Some say that a large breed puppy needs to be on large breed food, which is what I was always told, and some say that they don’t. I just really want to find a food that will be good for his joints and bones and also good for his skin because collies sometimes have sensitive skin. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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    Not sure if you’ve come across this topic yet for large breed pups, so here it is:


    It has more article links and food recommendations. And here is the link to the PDF list of foods (around page 15 and again around page 35 in the large breed pup topic):


    Also, manufacturers change their recipes whenever they want to, so it wouldn’t hurt to double check on the foods that you are interested in.

    It comes down to controlled calcium and the proper calcium to phosphorus ratio for large breed pups. Other than that is marketing.

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    Stephanie S

    Thanks! I’m going to try Fromm gold large breed puppy and see how he does. I hope he likes it better than the Blue Wilderness.

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