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    Martha O

    I have tried several large breed puppy foods and am currently on Origen large breed puppy. Whatever I have tried my boxer puppy has soft but well-formed stool initially in the day, but later has multiple small amounts of “cow-pie” diarrhea. This happens also when he exercises. My vet has suggested switching him to a good quality adult food. I prefer grain free, low glycemic, and no potatoes. I am not adverse to frozen raw or dehydrated food. I have started giving him Grandma Lucy’s dehydrated chicken for one of his 3 meals, but this has not made any difference. First of all, I cannot find a good quality adult food (not all life stages). Boxers are notorious for stomach issues. He is in otherwise excellent health. Any suggestions?
    Martha and Pepper

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    Lora J

    Have you tried a beef-based food yet? It may be a chicken sensitivity. My dogs have better stool when on beef. Good luck!

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    John L

    We have had similar issues with out six month old lab mix pups. Very similar stool description actually. What we’re finding is Orijen seems to be too rich for them, at least that’s how I’d describe it. They are actually better on Acana or Nulo. We’ve also tried Merrick and Wellness with not great results, either diarrhea or they will not eat it.

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    Same exact thing happened to my boys but after switching to Orijen Adult when it still came from Canada. The #1 kibble proven for stomach sensitivity is The Zignature line of dog food. No chicken, potato, egg & a slew of other things. Read the reviews. My babies are now 4 yrs old, big healthy strong with zero allergies and award winning poop LOL!

    For freeze dried, Primal nuggets is the best. However, I just use it as a topper by crumbling over the food. And broccoli.

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    Martha O

    I have ordered Zignature to give it a try. Thank you zcRiley

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