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    Ok, I have a 7-9 year old mixed breed 45 pound bundle of joy. All these ratings and reviews are wonderful but I’m confused as to which is best for specific animals and age groups. Senior dogs require different needs than puppies or ‘adults’ but I haven’t found one mention on this site concerning Senior dogs nor breakdowns as to which dog food is best for which breed or age group.

    Are there plans of starting a link on this site which will cover this topic?
    In the meantime, please offer suggestions for me now, I’m an A type personality and not knowing the answers for my best friend is driving me nuts! 🙂 🙂 Thanks to all…

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    I found an earlier post in this forum which answers my concerns listed.
    Webmaster, if my post can be deleted please do.
    The other topic concerning this is here: /forums/topic/senior-dog-food-recommendations/

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    Rich, a relatively healthy senior dog needs more protein than younger dogs:

    there is a good article to read. My seniors eat the same as the other dogs, they just get added supplements (I just posted in your other thread)

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    There are several supplements I like to give to seniors (and adults): joint, greens, ubiquinol, fish oil, bee pollen, probiotics.

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