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    I have a Shih-Tzu and a medium sized Collie, we are currently on Castor & Pollux Organix, but it is getting harder to find around here. I’m looking to start getting dog food off of Amazon, is there a better option out there?


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    Look for Earthborn Holistic, Nature’s Logic, Nature’s Variety, and NutriSource. But don’t feel you have to limit yourself to just one food. Feeding a variety is just as important for dogs as it is for humans. It is healthier for the gut and all the probiotics that should be living there.

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    I have used amazon in the past and been happy, but I plan on switching to the Petango store now, where you get 15% off if you do auto ship! So amazon isn’t ALWAYS the best, and I am usually a diehard amazon shopper!

    From amazon, I’ve gotten Merrick Classics dry food, Chicken Soup canned food, and Honest kitchen dehydrated food, all have arrived without issue.

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    I use amazon occasionally for dog food but chewy.com and petflow.com are my primary online sites to get dog food from. I’ve heard wag.com is good too. I didn’t have a good experience with doggiefood.com and will not be ordering from them again.

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    I order from wag.com and chewy.com most often. I used to order from petflow.com a lot.

    I find that wag has the best service, but is probably the highest priced of the three. Free returns for 365 days after the date of purchase on unopened and unexpired items.

    I used to use petflow a ton, but got annoyed that when I recently wanted to return something, I found out that they had just changed their return policy and didn’t make it a point to send out an email to their customers notifying them of a change in their policy and they didn’t post it in plain view on their website. They used to offer free returns and don’t any longer.

    Chewy has great prices, ships fast and good service. Free returns for 365 days after the date of purchase on unopened and unexpired items.

    I had a bad experience when I purchased something from dogfooddirect.com once, but they did apologize and correct the error. I wanted to give them another shot to see how things went and have ordered from them since and the order was problem free. They don’t offer any free shipping.

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    I agree with PetFlow, wag and chewy for great places to order. I, too, had less than a good experience from doggie food.

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    I just have to make this comment about chewey’s.com. I ordered about $90 worth of canned food and could not use them. I called the site to send them back and the lady told me to take them to a shelter and she would credit my card. Needless to say they now have all of my business!

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    Hey guys! I just got a new baby to add to my family, his name is Tucker and he is a lab/basset mix. He is the cutest thing ever but the mix kind of makes me wonder about what type of food would be best for him! He is about a year old and the people I got him from had him on Pedigree (Yuck!) and I was looking into changing him to Premium Edge. With the mix he is what nutrients does he need most? Should I look into getting more glucosomine for him because of his bone structure? Thanks!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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