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    Vicki O

    I just became a member of this site, and I’m absolutely loving it! But are there any sections within this site that are devoted to the health and concern of ingredients that are in the dog treats? And this includes dental treats as well. I’ve been purchasing Dick Van Patten’s Natural Balance dog treats for our furry kids for a few years now, and the ingredients seem very high-quality, but I don’t see any reviews so that I can know for sure and be fully educated. And I love (and so do our furry kids) the dental treats – again, the ingredients seem to be high quality. Does anyone know for sure about this brand for treats, especially since the purchase of Natural Balance by DelMonte? I’m afraid the quality will suffer after being purchased by such a mass-market brand. Any ideas or advisement here will be very appreciated!

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    Hi Vicki,
    Yes there is a forum for both health and for treats.

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    Hi Vicki-

    A lot of users have asked Dr. Mike if they will ever review treats. I believe the answer was no.

    As for dental treats, I prefer those that have a VOHC seal which indicates that they have been trialed and approved by the Veterinary Oral Health Council. This can provide assurance that they have been proven to remove plaque and tartar build up. However, just like with humans, the best thing you can do for your dog’s overall oral health, is to brush their teeth!

    Also Natural Balance is now owned by Smuckers and according to the NB rep that is for the region I work in (I work at a small family owned pet store), the Smuckers by-out was a step in a right direction.

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