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    Just making observation here. I notice that listed under the “best dog foods” tab that many are or have been recalled. Why would a company be listed there that has continuous issues with recalls and salmonella contamination (such as Innova, Merrick, etc…to name a couple). I am just bringing up a valid argument. Why would we invest into these foods if there are continuous mention of food recalls and salmonella contamination but yet they made the “best foods list” on this site. Also, some of these foods have extremely high protein that is over the scientific veterinary research according to VetMD where an adult is a maximum of 30% protein but some of these foods boast a minimum of 36-40% protein thus increasing the nitrogenous waste in the kidneys post catabolism of the excess amino acids. I have seen more dogs having renal failure that have been fed say Wilderness and Merrick as pets today do not forage for their food and burn the proteins they once use to over 90 years ago before modern dog food.

    However, on a side note I am not happy with one single pet food company. They either take quality control too lightly and are always on the recall list; don’t fall within veterinary research nutrition guidelines as far as min-max nutrients per day (percent protein, fat, calcium, etc…); or they don’t specify exactly where their ingredients come from. Some will boast “organic” and as a scientist I laugh at this because many of the organic farming sectors it is legal and within regulation to use pesticides such as methane which is actually worse than say ethene in “inorganic” farming. Sometimes I actually wonder what this world’s logic has come to. Many know that dog formulas have changed in almost every company this past year. A correlation to this (not necessarily a causation) from speaking to many pet owners I have seen an increase in so called “allergies” rather it be environmental or food based. Without getting too detailed into immunology and immune responses with different allergens the point here is that: have any of you noticed an increase in pets itching and having reactions to food since all these companies changed formulas? Science backs that it is more due to environmental issues but as mass media is abundant and communication is easily obtained I have found many pet owners having issues across the USA and they all feed different foods but yet the environmental allergens are variable within regions. Could this be due to a common “farm” where say potatoes, rice, vegetables, or meat sources are mass produced and sent to companies individually? Many boast “made in USA” but which specific farm, etc? Any information out there on this?

    Many of my friends have tried varied foods, etc…all the common treatments and running bacterial tests on tryptic soy agar plates and running antibiotic resistant tests all prove negative for bacterial issues where the common diagnosis when vets (without PhD and backed research) don’t know what it is-is “oh it is bacterial or fungal.” Tests on sabouraud dextrose agar plates post autoclave was negative as well for fungal concerns so the common diagnosis we see is invalid. I find it odd that there is such an increase nationwide in pet allergies when 2 years ago it was far less common and timing just so has it after all these companies change their formulas. The growth has been exponential I noticed from research. So this is why I might ask…is there a common farm these food companies get their products from that may be causing this?

    Again, just observation and thought it would make an interesting thread here.

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    “Why would a company be listed there that has continuous issues with recalls and salmonella contamination (such as Innova, Merrick, etc…to name a couple). I am just bringing up a valid argument.”

    Since this statement is utterly false, how can this be a valid argument? Neither Innova or Merrick has had continuous issues with recalls of any kind. If you go up to the red bar at the top, you will find the library. There is an article titled “How We Rate Dog Food.” You should read it. And you should also keep in mind that there is no method by which a future recall can be predicted. Past recalls are not a reliable indicator. Many companies have had a single recall and never had another.

    As far as renal failure goes, do a little more research. Excess protein does not cause renal failure.

    As for the rise in allergies, I have seen allergies increasing over a much longer period of time than that. Whether it’s from poor breeding practices, environmental pollutants affecting the immune system(my personal favorite theory), or sourcing of dog food ingredients, I don’t think anyone really knows yet.

    As far as dog food companies go, they are businesses. They are in it to make money. There are a few that seem to actually want to do their best for dogs, but most are definitely only in it for the money, nothing else.

    Statistically speaking, 20% of all dog foods will get a 1 star rating, 20% will get a 2 star rating, etc. If 20% are going to get a 5 star rating and there are very few truly great foods, it stands to reason that some of the foods on the 5 star list(a great deal of them) will not be top notch. Of course, my standards definitely aren’t yours. In fact I would go so far as to say this is not the site for you, because our feeding philosophy is definitely not yours.

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    Recalls are not part of the criteria when dr Mike reviews a dog food.

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    I have fed my Pugs Blue Buffalo Freedom….They all have done really well on this food….No issues at all….I fed them the life protection food briefly and noticed they had loose bowel but that was due to the multi grains in the food, the reason I say that is because when I switched them back to grain free they no longer had loose bowel…..I also compared the ingredients in the wilderness brand to the freedom and they are very similar….I feel my pugs have all done very well on the grain free diet, they have shiny coats and they are healthy young pugs….. I like blue grain free, If blue wasn’t around they’d still be on wellness core but the core costs more, so that is why I am sticking with the Blue buffalo freedom

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    Hello ,
    katana, I read full of your article. I am very confused about dog food how can I select the best dog food for my love one if all the food company are not take quality aspects seriously.

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