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    Jeffrey G. P

    Can someone tell me what they think the best dog food is for a Jack? He is 3 yrs old (tomorrow) and started him on Blue Buffalo, but Vet thought it was to rich for his tummy as he always had loose stools. Vet put him on Hills Prescription ID, has been on it a year and stools are much better. Time for a change.. I give him dry and wet together. Any suggestions? Thanks…

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    Amy A

    I wouldn’t say there is one best food but I currently have a 5 year old jack russell and she has quite a few food intolerances and does well on: Earthborn Holistic grain free formulas,I and love and you grain free kibble, Fromm grain free, and Nutri-source. If you email companies regarding there food and ask for samples/coupon many will send you some and you can see if your dog likes the food before buying a bag.

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    Beth F

    I’ve used the natural dog food company ever since they started out 10 years ago with my jack Russell.. he is now 17! and going strong.
    No signs of muscle loss, weight gain or joint problems and I honestly believe it is because of the food. I use the turkey/senior one and he loves it.
    I usually order on the phone and they are so friendly, there are very eager to give any advice you need and even sent me samples of all the different flavors so I could see which one he likes best before buying.
    It is one of the more pricey ones however you don’t have to feed as much as others so it balances it out pretty much. And knowing that all the ingredients are uk based human-grade food is nice, as I know i’m giving him the best 🙂

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    My JRT used to get an upset tummy from any food change at all, but I read about all the benefits of feeding a rotational diet and I had a pup with food allergies that had to have a diet change, so I decided to commit to a rotational diet. The first 3 rotations took at least a month each, but I very quickly, after that, realized that she was able to change foods quicker with no bad reactions. I kept with it and with in 3 more months, I was feeding her something different with every single meal. She has never had an upset stomach or loose stool since, no matter what she eats. And my 13 year old dog acts like she did at 7 or 8 years old. She is trim, muscular, and very active.

    I feed Nature’s Variety Instinct, Nature’s Logic, Earthborn, Acana, Orijen, Canine Caviar, Annamaet, and many others.

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