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    With all the pet food recalls I’m confused on what to buy my 8 week old Doberman. The breeder has her on Diamond but I’m thinking too many recalls. I’ve had my last two Dobes (and cats) on Iams and one Dobe lived over 15 years old and my most recent Dobe over 10 but at 8 years old she had liver failure and wasn’t expected to survive but SHE DID for another 2.4 years. Iams has been fine for all my fur babies so why should I change for my new fur-baby? Well, it’s ALL these recalls that have me scared & let’s face it these manufacturers are getting sloppy. I’ve read soooo many posts, advice and suggestions I can honestly say “I’m confused”! Bottom line……. someone PLEASE recommend TOP 3 or 5 BEST puppy food for my new furbaby Doberman:) If some reason one doesn’t work for her I will try the next.

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    Some info first. Is your Dobie expected to be a large or medium sized dog. Dobies as a breed are right on the border and large breed dogs have growth issues that have to be taken into consideration. Personally I would feed as if you are planning on her being large, better safe than sorry. In which case you should read the Large and Giant Breed Puppy Nutrition thread so you are aware of what the issues are. There are 2 google docs on that thread that are lists of foods that are appropriate for large breed nutrition. The second one is more up to date and complete. I think it’s somewhere around page 15.

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    And with everyone on here who gets a puppy, dobermans especially, you are required (by me) to post a picture! 🙂 You can go to the off topic thread in the review section and post one very easily. Please, let me know when you do! Thank you! Lol!

    It’s so good to be back home! 🙂

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    We are getting Shelby tomorrow, Sunday. I will post a picture 🙂

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    yay for doberpuppies
    the thread pattyvaughn mentions is a good read. also when you click on the google docs pdf link around page 15 make sure and book mark it so you can reference it later. i dont want to violate any rights of hound dog mom and re paste the link with out her permission

    imo feeding from a recall company is a crap shoot and the lottery. the odds of it happening are probably slim, but if the odds show up i hope im not the one and i definitely would regret it for a long time (thus why i skip the dog food aisle at Costco) if i am the one

    i would look at the doc and then open up petflow.com (their website has a price per pound display) and chewy.com and do some price and ingredient comparisons then check their analysis on this site and not stress about local purchase. there are quite a few good foods at various price points on the list. most of the online shops will free ship above 50 dollar purchases. find a couple that interest you and maybe try a sample or two as we all have our favorite brands and im sure they pretty much wont all zero in the exact same 1-5 brand and types. also maybe search on dobermantalk website in the feeding section for some more ideas

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