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    Jason R

    My Golden Retriever just turned 10yrs old and he is about 12-15lbs heavier than the vet would like. He was diagnosed about three months ago with Cushing’s disease. I’ve been waiting until we found the right medication/dosage to treat the Cushing’s before I made any dietary changes.

    For the last few years, he has been eating Blue FREEDOM ‘Healthy Weight’ dry food. He also has been getting 1/3 can of wet BLUE Freedom Senior Chicken as a topper. The more I learn about BLUE, the less I like them. Their food is also overpriced when there are foods of similar or better quality available for less.

    We finally got the Cushing’s medication to the necessary level a few weeks ago. At that point, I had researched a lot of foods and decided to switch to NUTRO. In particular, I’m feeding him NUTRO Lite Chicken flavor dry food and NUTRO Large Breed Adult Weight Management canned food (again, as a topper). I also supplement his food with green beans, green peas and sometimes half of a sweet potato as a treat.

    I’m curious if anyone else here uses NUTRO and, if so, what is their opinion of it?

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    Nutro is a lower quality food & Blue isn’t one we recommend much around here.
    Look at either Annamaet lean or Wellness Core reduced fat. You don’t need a senior food; with the exception of Orijen senior, most are too low in protein.

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    Michael F

    Hi, my dog was on Nutro and he always had sloppy yellow bowel movements, but as we all know the food that works for one dog, doesn’t always work for another. You might try Nutri-Source Weight Management dry food, I’ve had good luck with some of their other foods and they are a small plant out of Minnesota and have had no recalls. Is your dog healthy enough to get out and walk, when my other dogs were elderly we did four short walks per day and it really helped them with their weight and arthritis, they had a much easier time getting up and down and moving around. It interesting how several short walks provide less stress on the joints and you still burn a lot of calories that way throughout the day. You might also just try a regular dog food and make sure to feed the amount for his required weight so that he gets a balanced diet and not the amount for the weight he is at, and between that and increasing his exercise, he should take weight off. Good Luck with everything!

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    jakes mom

    The best idea would be to switch to raw foods, little to no carbs. For dry, I like Wellness Core.

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