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    Kyle E

    My good Labrador friend is getting old and beginning to have problems with her joints and energy level. She’s also not eating very much of her food anymore, even though I buy her the expensive Taste of the Wild dry food. I want to switch to wet canned food to see if that improves her appetite. Does anyone have information on a quality, healthy, and tasty canned food that is formulated for all the problems senior dogs have, especially aching joints?

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    Foods do not contain a therapeutic dose of joint supporting supplements so that shouldn’t be a deciding factor for choosing a wet (or dry) food. I would check into separate powder, liquid, capsule or chewable joint/senior supplements. And if you haven’t already, check to see if she has any dental or gum issues and have a check up with blood work.

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    Patty L

    I, too, am searching for the best canned food for my Corgi/Sheltie/Norwegian Elkhound mix. I supplement with Arthroplex by Thorne for joint issue prevention. I also supplement with Thorne Vet’s geriatric canine vitamins. I hope this helps. I so want our precious canine family members to live very long, active lives with us.

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    I suggest buying one can of many foods & see what your dogs like. Once you have a list of foods, you can then look for the best prices.

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