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    I’m looking for a dog food that has good ingredients that are healthy for the dog and no bad ingredients. Also one that can be affordable with someone on a somewhat tight budget. I’ve been a bit oblivious to some of the bad ingredients some more well known dog brands have and now I’m looking to switch to a healthier brand. I’m an owner of a beagle and a basset hound.

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    Here’s a few that I like.

    Sportmix Wholesome. Comes in Chicken and Rice, Lamb and Rice, Fish and Rice. You can get it at Tractor Supply or order from Chewy.com. It comes in 40 lb bags for about 30-36.00. You can get the chicken flavor in a 16.5 lb bag for about 15.00.

    Tractor Supply also has their own brand called 4Health that’s good, too.

    I also like Fromm. They have 3 lines and the least expensive is th Gold and Classics line.

    Hope this helps.

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    Newman’s Own Organics Advanced Formula dry and Nutrisca dry. I have been mixing the 2 for my terrier with good results.
    Check the reviews at chewy.com

    PS: I use kibble as a base, 1/3 to 1/2 of the diet, I add a tasty topper such as: a bit of cooked chopped chicken breast, lean meat, scrambled egg…..I always add a little water to the meal, no free feeding. Two meals per day measured amounts, a bite of something for a midday snack as a reward after a walk.
    Also, check the reduced price section at your local market for boneless meat/chicken, I have been doing this for years with no adverse effects. Sometimes, you have to divide stuff up in 1-2 day serving size baggies and freeze.

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    Hi Justin-
    In addition to Sportmix Wholesome, 4Health, and Fromm that was recommended, Victor also has some great budget friendly options. As well as Kirkland and Nature’s Domain at Costco. Hope this helps!

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    Thank you guys, these suggestions have helped a lot! I will definitely take these suggestions into consideration. I went to my local stores and looked at certain prices of certain foods and some of the mentioned brands were ones i wrote down to consider, some of these others i havent seen, but will give me another choice to look at.

    And anon, I had a friend mention the same thing about reduced price meat. I’ll definitely have to take a look.

    I’ve also been looking at adding enzymes and probiotics to their daily routine. Was going to try out mercola enzymes first and look at something like greek yogurt or kefir for probiotics.

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    Nothing is being sold at the below sites, no supplements, no books, no t-shirts, no member fees, nothing. Hope this helps.


    Science -based veterinary medicine.

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    Dr Tim’s is a very good food and some of his formulas come in large (40 & 4/45lb) bags, which is unusual for good foods.

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    Hi Justin-
    I agree with Anon. I wouldn’t add any supplements to the kibble unless your dog develops a condition that warrants them. I do think adding fresh or canned foods along with some water is a great idea. Just remember to feed less kibble to make up for the added calories.

    I feed my dogs mostly Whole Earth Farms and Nutrisource kibble and add either canned food, tripe, egg, sardines or commercial raw to it. Good luck to you!

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    WholeHearted Adult Dog Food – Grain Free Turkey & Sweet Potato Canned Cuts in Gravy, 13.2 oz——-
    has anyone seen this or tried it–
    ingredients are top shelf—made by petco–
    ny TeddyBear is pure bread yellow lab–he just turned 10-
    he has been fed blue all his life———he is on 2 cans per day and a cup of dry—
    as you know–blue is expensive and price is climbing—-$2.50 and up—-
    whole hearted –has top ingred—and cost is aprox–$1.79 a can–
    teddy eats 14 cans a week x’s 4 weeks—thats a minimum of $152.07–including tax—
    whole heart would be a total of$108.88
    the can i bought tedddy to try out–teddy loved it—-gave him half a can—then i ate the rest to see just how good it tasted–
    it tasted just like turkey pot pie—
    heres my question——
    at his age–do you guys think i should switch—
    joan–wife–says no—-
    me==joe t—its not rated here yet-but it should get 4 to 5 stars—-the price will save me money–etc—–
    i just cant see spending a dollar more + per can– -on food that is no better than petcos own brand—its illogical to me——thats it guys—what do you think–signed joe t & teddy.

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