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    milly w

    In training your pet, it is important to have treats which will encourage good behavior. It is not a must to buy dog treats as they can be made at home. Homemade dog treats are not as difficult to make as most people would think. The secret is making the treats something that is healthy for your dog and delicious enough to keep them looking forward to the treat. The good part of making the dog treats at home is that you will have the opportunity to choose the recipe and make the contents as flexible as possible. Some of the ingredients that can be included in making the treats can be beef, rice, chicken, and lamb.

    Ingredients for making the dog treats

    The ingredients part should not be taken lightly because they will determine just how helpful the treats will be to your pet. If you buy dog treats and take a look at the ingredients, you will notice that they are things that you can eat yourself. Using the ingredients list on the processed dog treats you can create your own DIY treats for your dog especially with ingredients such as whole grains, kelp, beans and meat products.

    Calories used

    Calories are important for dogs as they are for humans. This means that when you are making the treats for your dog at home, you should pay attention to the calories. It is important that when you make the treats, you control the amount of calories because too much can lead to weight issues. A lot of dogs are overweight and this greatly affects their activity throughout the day. Check the amount of calories in all the ingredients you use in making the treats.

    Treat Texture

    The texture of the dog treats is something that most people do not pay attention to. Is the treat you are making hard or soft? Harder treats are better for average dogs and are beneficial in cleaning the dog’s teeth. Puppies and older dogs might have a difficult time chewing through the hard treats and thus you should consider making softer treats for them.


    It is important to have different recipes using the healthy ingredients that you choose for the treats. The alteration of the recipes will give your dog a different taste and avoid monotony of flavors. As long as the ingredients are safe for your pet, you can mix a few to ensure that the dog has a wide range of options. Keep in mind that you need to monitor the amount of calories to avoid any weight issues which might compromise their health and limit their activity.

    Personalize the Treats

    All dogs are not the same in terms of nutritional needs. This is why you should find out the needs of your dogs in relation to their age, health, and size. The treats should therefore address all the nutritional needs of your pet without causing any health issues. Check with the vet to understand better what your dog needs nutritionally to stay healthy and active.

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