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    So I served up some beef heart chunks to Mr Harry for the first time tonight. I assumed that I had cut them up to a manageable size (not too small so he’d have to chew them) and threw them on top of his kibble. First he looks at me like I’m nuts for a while & then he eats around the chunks to get the kibble. His next move was to try to take each chunk to his bed to chew on as he does his turkey necks, gullets, feet etc. Well that would take all night, so I cut them up smaller so he just basically swallowed them. He’s staring at me now wanting more but since this is his try at them I don’t want to push it in case he has “issues”.

    Is my dog a complete weirdo or do other dogs react like this? I guess I’ll be spending the evening cutting down the chunks into smaller pieces for Mr Picky Pants.

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    If you let him chew turkey necks and such on his bed then leave one piece of heart big enough for him to take to his bed, but cut up the rest for immediate consumption. See if he doesn’t work it out. When I started feeding raw mine would do something like this, but they have figured out what it takes to eat each different thing and now they just crunch, crunch gulp.

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    Well that makes sense. Duh! I will give him a chunk to chew on next time. Over the weekend we were visiting friends & hanging out on the patio. I gave him a dried trachea to keep him busy & he walked over to the door. He thought he should be let inside to lay on their dogs bed to eat it. Harry’s never been cat tested so that wasn’t happening, and boy was he pissy. Kept giving my friend the “Stink Eye” for making him lay outside (on a travel bed). Sooo beneath him LOL.

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    Mine don’t understand why they can’t get on the couch or bed when they are wet and muddy, which is every morning since we always have heavy dew.

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