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    I have a question for everyone -I have a senior female pit bull and a male jack Russell/dachshund mix who is very active. I had them on Merrick grain Free and they were doing pretty well, but I switched them to Taste Of the Wild because money was a little tight. Now that I found out that TOTW is owned by Diamond I definitely want to get them off. I recently went to the pet store and saw the Back to Basics grain free and organ meat brands. B2B grain free and Merrick are about the same price, but the organ meat B2B is about $20 more. Are any better than the others? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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    For mid-priced quality kibble, I use Nutrisource grain free ($49) and alot of folks say Victor is mid-priced as well. Are you talking about B2B high-protein or B2B grain free because the latter is medium-protein and lower in calories than the original B2B. Some dogs don’t handle a high organ meat food well but can adjust. Maybe you can mix it with the food they do well on. I have 2 out 6 that haven’t taken to Merrick well. They had no issues with Nature’s Logic and Core Wild Game. There is also Nature’s Select (home delivery) which has a Grain Free formula, 30 lbs for around $65. And Whole Earth Farms (by Merrick) has new grain free formulas as well out in stores now. It’s their budget brand. I rescue and use ALOT of foods! I have 4 open bags of kibble right now. I’m not opposed to using a “questionable” brand occasionally and I rotate foods so (1) the dogs don’t get used to one brand, (2) they build up a stronger gut, and (3) the dogs get a variety. And I always have something open that they do well on that I can mix in some other kibble. I hear you about price. Now that I have connections, I realize what the mark-up is!

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