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    Susan C

    My dog almost died before we discovered he has AUTOIMMUNE disease. A life on Steroids means eventual kidney failure. We hope that a diet change will increase the chance of a normal life. He needs additional omega 3 and 6 plus zinc and more that I am not familiar with. Happy to make him dinner, but if there is a dog food that moves us in the right direction, I can at least supplement what I feed him now.

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    Carol D

    We lost our little Yorkie and toy poodle last year very suddenly to autoimmune hemolytic anemia. I wish you luck in finding a good food. There are many knowledgeable people who read this blog and will help. I just wish we would have known. It haunts me not knowing what causes it.

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    Hi, Poor boy, I have Auto Immune Disease, (C.R.E.S.T) at first the Dr’s thought I had Lupus but as the years have gone by symptoms for C.R,E,S,T seem to fit more then the Lupus, its an awful disease, the steroids made me feel worst, dizzy sick, I was on the Presidone, Ive stopped all my tablets & I feel better, but do get very tired & have to have a afternoon sleep also make sure he doesnt stress in anyway, when I stress my body starts attacking my organs especially my kidneys…
    One of Patches vets seems to think that Patch may have Auto Immune Disease cause last year after his vaccinations he became ill again, so you may have to do alot of research about giving him his vaccinations, Im not doing Patches Vaccination when due in 3 years…Yahoo has a good group run by Lew Olson PhD that has written a book called “Raw & Natural Nutrition for dogs, her group is called “Dog Nutrition & Health’ or K9Nutrition Lew Olson, she is excellent for asking questions on Auto Immune disease in dogs, she believes that Raw is best or cooked meals not kibble…she has a section in her book what to cook for Auto Immune disease in dogs…..
    Carol D nothing causes Auto Immune Disease that they know of, stress can bring it on if you have it, Dr’s have told me that I inherited the disease but no one else in my family has it, my nanna or her mother never had it but back in the old days they didnt know much about alot of illnesses, so they may of had it, also the Dr said that I would of inherited Auto Immune Disease from my dads side not my mum side..

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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