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    Hey guys! I’m trying to figure out the calories per cup on some of the more interesting Authority foods, and I can’t seem to turn up any way to convert kcal/kg to kcal/cup. Any help would be great!

    Puppy w/ chicken 3,850 kcal/kg metabolizable energy (calculated)
    Large Breed Puppy 3,635 kcal/kg metabolizable energy (calculated)
    Adult Chunk (and Mini Chunk) w/ Chicken 3,730 kcal/kg metabolizable energy (calculated)
    Adult Large Breed w/ Chicken 3,635 kcal/kg metabolizable energy (calculated)

    The website doesn’t have an option for the Grain Free ones, but if anyone knows those, I’d like to hear about the calories/cup on those as well.

    Heres the wedsite if that helps any (is it to much to ask for an email address to contact them by??)

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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