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    Ok – my dog just turned 2. She’s an active German Shorthaired Pointer that we got from a rescue organization. She started on Taste of the Wild (Wetlands) and did quite well but when the recall occurred we changed to Innova (Chicken) – both are grain free foods and both I researched on this site. She had diarrhea for a month and the vet checked for intestinal parasites and giardia – she has neither and is up-to-date on all vacinnations and heartguard. The vet gave me a 5 lb. bag of Iams Veterinary Intestional Plus which I am giving her 50-50 with the Innova and her stool has become better. I don’t want to feed her this 2 star Iams that actually has a polymer in its ingredient list used as soap and metal finishing (and many other poor ingredients)!!! TWO QUESTIONS
    1) What 4 or 5 star food is good for a sensitive stomach?
    2) The rescue org told me she was found eating a deer carcass – could she have some kind of samonella or disease from this 2 years later? (She’s had many stool tests since I got her as part of physical, etc.). ANY HELP WOULD BE APPRECIATED!!!!!!!!!

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    Try giving her a good probiotic like Mercola’s and a digestive enzyme with every meal for a while. She could probably use a little digestive help with what she’s been through.

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