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    Hi, sorry I haven’t been around in ages..

    I have a question I’d like to find out some information on..

    I started out giving Abby Quellin for her hind hips, sure it helps, been giving it to her for years. Then we switched over to Ostifen. She has been taken this medication now probably 4 to 5 years..

    She is not a big eater, but is heavy.. She doesn’t eat her breakfast maybe till late evening, it sits all day.. But she will eat table food like chicken or pork or liver, she just love fish, she also loves dog cookies..

    Now I am getting off topic here, so my question would be are these Med.’s bad for her, she has lost her appetite, does have runnie pooh a lot. To me she is over weight, and I’m wondering if it’s this medication causing the over weight..

    Abby is a rescued dog is approx. 13 years old, is a black lab mix..

    I am seriously thinking of taking her off these med.’s and giving her a baby aspirin each day for arthritis..

    All advice and comments are welcome.


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    Maybe something over here might help

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    lynne l


    My 15 year old 50 lb. mutt has just been diagnosed with kidney disease which I understand is common in older dogs. I switched to HILLS PRESCRIPTION DIET FOR KIDNEYS. Is this any better than any other low protein diet?

    Does anyone have any good homemade recipes for low protein diets? I used to feed rice or barley mixed with a good dry food; they thrived on this. Also, I pressure cooked chicken to where the bones squash really soft and mix ed with rice or barley? Anyone have a clue how much protein that might contain? I know as a meat-based protein, it’s probably higher than plant based diets. Any tips on low protein plant proteins I could use instead of chicken? Thanks, Lynne

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    Casey P

    Was Ostifen recommended by your vet? For my dog, she was given another type of medication.

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