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    Hi my Abby has arthritis in one knee, also has a torn meniscus.

    Took her to the Vets and after ex rays and blood work and $400.00 later this is the results..

    The vet put her on rimadyl for the arthritis, but not even enough for a month, 18 chewable tab’s, these are expensive..about 40 some dollars..

    Then for the pain in the knee she gave us tramadol, again not enough, also very costly..

    My question is: Is there any other medications that do the same work, even over the counter..

    One more question: My niece has a Vet and had her lab dog given laser therapy. It seemed to help her dog walk much better..

    We went to see this Vet and she gave Abby one treatment, but we had to go out of the Country for a month and when we come back we are going to take Abby back for the full treatment, 6 visits..

    Has anyone had a similar happening, what are your thoughts on laser therapy..and the above I chatted about..

    Love to get some good feed back on this..

    Abby is going on 10 years old, over wright and on a diet..


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    You might find some helpful information at the above sites.
    Science-based Veterinary Medicine.

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