are their any known issues with Taste of the Wild food recently

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    Ann S

    We adopted a rescue dog 4 months, he was on heartland chicken and rice and our vet wanted him moved to a better quality food. So we gradually moved over to Taste of the Wild pacific stream canine formula. He has been having issues the last 6 weeks with getting sick, itiching like crazy. He has a spot his back that won’t heal. Vets are at a loss for what is going on. He’s been on steroids, and antibiotics and still not healed and he won’t stop itching. We are giving benedryal and it provides some relief. I found some comments that others are experiencing similar issues with Tast of the wild. We fed this to our previous lab, but fed bison an venison formula and never had any of these issues.

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    Blue Buffalo supplier was charged with 8 criminal counts awhile ago. Use of chicken feathers and lead were reported,as well.

    Anyway, if your dog itches for more than 3 days, always immediately stop whatever food you’re giving since steroids & Benadryl are very bad for any animal. Your dog is simply intolerant to (or becomes allergic to) an ingredient you’re giving him, whether it’s in the kibble or a treat or human food.

    In the meantime, feed Zignature kibble until you do an allergy panel test on your dog. Then you’ll know which ingredients he can eat with no adverse effects. My boys are allergic to everything so they’ve thrived on Zignature.

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