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    In looking through the “recall” section of the site, I noticed that about two thirds of the recalls are organic/natural dog foods, yet they are a small proportion of the total dog food sales.

    Is there something about the components or the manufacturers that make them so dangerous that they are recalled due to contamination with dangerous pathogens? Why are they being recalled so much more than those made with conventional or genetically engineered components? Is it the components, the process or the quality control of the organic producers that leads to so many recalls?

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    When a conventional company has a recall, it is usually actually a large number of different brands and formulas and they have known about the problem for some time but have delayed doing the right thing until FDA is breathing down their necks. When a natural or holistic company has a recall, it is often only 1 or 2 formulas and they have issued the recall before there have been any reports of sick animals and sometimes before the product is even widely distributed. They recall as a precaution. Look at the recent recall for the Honest Kitchen. Their testing found that some parsley was comtaminated so they did a recall even though they had had no reports of any sicknesses. They tested the foods that they got back from the recall and didn’t find a problem in any of the batches.. For them, one sick dog is too many. For Diamond hundreds of dead dogs aren’t. That’s the difference.

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    Hound Dog Mom

    In addition to what Patty stated, most “natural” foods are naturally preserved which I feel makes them more susceptible to mold, etc. It also seems to me that the larger corporate companies seem to have better quality control – not that they’re immune from recalls and not that I’m supporting their formulas. May have to do with the fact that they have more money to invest in high tech testing measures. It’s important to find a trustworthy and reputable company – I wouldn’t say this is any reason to avoid “natural” foods.

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