Are high protein foods bad for small dogs?

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    I have 3 male dogs, 1 ten year old purebred Bichon Frise, 1 six year old Chihuahua mix and 1 thirteen week old Chihuahua mix puppy. My dogs currently eat Natural Balance Ultra (puppy is on the puppy version). Since my oldest dog has been on Natural Balance 10 years and the other two are Chihuahua mixes would switching to another food high in protein be unhealthy? I am being told that high protein foods are not good for Chihuahuas…. I was looking at these two dry foods: Orijen and Acana. Would it be ok to make that switch or should I choose something with less protein? Just noting none of my dogs have had any health issues thus far.

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    It just depends on what the dog can handle. Generally, higher protein is better, because it means less carbs, which dogs can not fully digest. I would try Acana first, since its lower in protein than Orijen, and switch them nice and slowly, and see how they do. Most dogs feel much better on higher protein diets, because protein and fat is where dogs get all their engery from.

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