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    We got two puppies from the smae litter. Saying that we have two 11.5 year old boys from the same litter and they turned out pretty darn good. In all their lives that had maybe 2 fights, over a bone I forgot to remove from their room. Now having gotten the two new ones I am reading how bad this is etc and why one should not do this. Even worse I let them sleep together in their play pen and walk them together (which is a challange still, but then they are only 13 weeeks old). I play with them at the same time, and they actually have already learned sit, down and come (although the come is a command that works maybe 80%). So I think it is going OK. However, sadly I see a divorce loomimg over me and I am not sure if things will work out…..Maybe, I should have waited, but so far they have been my life savers, because they get me out of the house, walking, training and having fun together. All in all I spend about 2 hours oustide every day with the dogs, insteed of sitting on the couch.

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    Hi Jens-

    Sorry about the divorce : ) Yes, people say you should not get two litter mates-and with that said, I have had litter mates together as welll as two pups(different litters) but same age-never had a problem with them : )

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    Hound Dog Mom

    Hey Melissa –

    Why shouldn’t you get two littermates? I’ve never heard that. I just wouldn’t because I could never handle two pups at once.

    Hmm..on second thought maybe there’s a link between adopting littermates and divorce. Last time we had a couple adopt two littermates from my shelter (puggles) – they got divorced two months later and had to return the dogs. lol.

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    Well, whatever will happen i will try to hang on to the guys, because they are totally awsome. I hope stuff will work out but if not then so be it and one has allways options. Right now the two are having their 9.30 assassins game going, which is good so that they will get tired for the night, following assassins is going to be a 30 min walk, well kind of one of them is dragging finding every stick as a great excuse to linger while the other one is checking out the deer and foxes……Maybe I need to clone myself. great thing about them is that I have lost 20 pounds in weight, since we got them. the 20 I wanted to lose for some time….. Maybe i can rent them out as a weight loss tool. 🙂

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    For some reason, the “theory’ is out there that two litter mates will bond and be dependent on one another- more so than with the owner. I am not really sure what the “whole” thought process is behind this belief, as quite frankly, I have never seen it be an issue. If an owner is spending time with the pups, teaching them, playing with them, there is no reason for that to occur. I have had no more issues with actual litter mates, than with two the same age raised together who think they are litter mates, lol.

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    Rambo and Fancy

    LOL, you must have gone online after getting them like I did. I have Chinese crested littermates, a female hairless and a male powderpuff. I was really worried for a while but have decided not to worry about it. If they didn’t have each other to chase around the house I would be crazy by now.
    I’ve read how responsible breaders wont sell 2 to the same family, etc, well I guess I didn’t have a good breader but I think I have two great dogs. Mine are aprox 14 weeks, born Oct 5. I do have them sleep apart(after reading online about this great sin) but that’s it otherwise mostly they are together.

    Good luck, and keep posting I will try to as well.

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    Rambo and Fancy-

    The comment about a good breeder is merely someone’s opinion. Some people can not handle one puppy, some people can handle two. In all my years, I have NEVER had a problem with siblings(owning them) nor a problem with a responsible owner having litter mates.

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