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    Peter S

    Has anyone ever tried or currently using Brothers Complete kibble ? I spent some time on their website today and was impressed and am considering trying one of their allergy formulas for my 2 adult labs. They offer 3 different grain-free protein formulas under the “allergy” category : Turkey , Lamb , or Venison (all have dried egg as their 2nd ingredient, and the top ingredient is either turkey/lamb/venison meal). One thing on their site that particularly impressed me was their manufacturing process…apparently they make the kibbles in relatively small batches, then it’s immediately stored in deliberately cool warehouse conditions for a very short time(days) before being bagged and sent directly to the consumer. This way they ensure that the customer receives a very fresh product that hasn’t sat on distributors’ warm muggy warehouse shelves for months before arriving in pet stores. It looks like Brothers only sells direct via online sites and have no physical store sites (except one if FL i believe). The only drawback is price…about $80 including shipping for the 25 lb turkey formula (lamb & venison are even more $$).
    If anyone has used/using BC’s kibbles , i’d love to hear what you think, how your dog does on it, etc Thanx !

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    Hi Peter S,

    I considered using their food but ultimately decided not to. The labeling of their products violates labeling laws which in my mind is never a good thing.

    In regards to freshness, if that is important to you, I’d recommend you call and ask for the manufacture date before purchasing. The company has in the past offered discounts on their food as it was near expiration date, which is usually 12-18 months post manufacturing, indicating that sometimes their products are stored for a prolonged period before sale.

    The company closed its chat room and temporarily removed their facebook page when posters started asking question regarding the dates of manufacture.

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    Hi Peter S

    I have used and am using BC right now. They do have small batches made, bag it, then ship it to their air conditioned warehouse. They also don’t always sell all of it before it goes old and do sell it at a discounted rate, but they clearly post the date, so they are not trying to deceive anybody, and the food is good to that date if it were not kept under a/c. Under a/c, it ought to still be fine.

    The company closed their chatroom and all that when they were being harassed repeatedly and unendingly by trolls, as continually happens here whenever their name is mentioned.

    They have a great food, but it won’t solve every problem. And even though I think they are one of the best foods out there, if not the best, I still think they are only part of a rotational diet, not the end all and be all of dog foods.

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    aimee, they haven’t taken down their FB page. I didn’t realize they ever did even temporarily. There could have been a perfectly good explanation for the temporary pause of their FB page. I also think the comments on their FB page were from the same troll that has harassed them for the longest time on DFA due to personal issues, having nothing to do with their food or company. If all their formulas did not contain poultry of some sort or something that Katie is intolerant to, I’d still have them in rotation.

    By the way, Peter S. Most dog food stores and/or companies will offer foods at discounted rates if the expiration dates are coming up and they are restocking the shelves.

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    Hi Peter, I think Brother’s is a very good food. You should consider rotating foods. Pick 3 or 4 foods from different manufacturers, with different proteins. That may be more difficult with allergy dogs. Have you ever looked at Victor dog food? They have at least 1 formula that is considered an allergy formula (depending on what the allergy is to) I have had great results with Victor’s Yukon River, and Ultra Pro 42. If you have a store in your area, the price can’t be beat. I pay $39.99 for 30lbs of Ultra Pro42, and $42.99 for 30lbs of Yukon River. All the grain free formulas of Victor are rated 5 stars on DFA. Here’s Victor’s site, they have a store locator. http://www.victordogfood.com/

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    Hi Peter,

    Brother’s Complete has sold old dog food more than once! When their fish formula (discontinued) was getting near it’s expiration date they let people know it was old and they sold it at a discount, when their beef formula (discontinued) turned a year old they didn’t give a discount or let anyone know how old the food was.

    It was the “trolls” who forced Brother’s to list the expiration date on their website because the “trolls” let people know that Brother’s was selling old dog food. Even then Brother’s did not offer a discount and sold every last bag of the beef formula at full price! By the time the last bag was sold it was one year and two months old.

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    Hi aimee. Just curious. How does their labeling violate labeling laws?

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    I was wondering that too Aimee. I haven’t used it so have no ties.

    Peter, I’ve heard great things, my problem is I don’t mind ordering food online, but I prefer to buy from the store to try something out to make sure it works for my guys, so I never got around to trying it. Someday

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    The Facebook page was temporarily removed. This removal coincided with several people asking where and when their Beef and Egg formula was made and closely followed the closure of the chat room.

    I think Brothers panicked when people started asking where and when the food was made. Current and potential consumers would likely not consider Brothers “the freshest kibble in the world” if they knew that the “short period of time” that food was kept prior to sale could be a year or more.

    Dori and Aquariangt

    In regards to the label the phrase “Human Grade Proteins” would be in violation. To say such a thing the proteins would have to be fit for human consumption which they clearly are not as they are rendered meals.

    From AAFCO “A claim that something is “human-grade” or “human-quality” implies that the article being referred to is “edible” for people in legally defined terms…… making an unqualified claim about ingredients being human grade misbrands the product.”


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    I dont normally mail order food as I want to find the freshest available, however the fact that they did not discount the older beef is really a non issue. As a business, they have the right to sell their products for what the market will allow..and obviously there were enough people to purchase the beef before expiration that did not mind paying full price. Simply sounds like the fish needed the incentive and the beef did not. Now if they were selling food past expiration it would be an issue. Consumers need to practice due diligence and ASK what the expiration dats is on the food they wil be receiving from any company.

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    I’ve used Brothers and the dogs did fine on it. I’ll likely use it again, in the future.

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    jakes mom

    I would have taken that “Human Grade” phrase differently, that the protein was human grade, ie. the beef or chicken or whatever, before it was made into meal. Not that the final product was “human grade”, suitable for humans.

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    Hi Jakes Mom,

    I understand that is the information that the manufacturer is trying to convey, but it simply isn’t allowed to do so. The label is in flagrant violation. Either one of two things happened here. Either the company is ignorant of labeling rules or the company is willing to ignore them. Neither in my mind is acceptable.

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    I’ve used the Turkey and Egg as well as the Venison and Egg. My dog did fine on them. Keep in mind there is no perfect dog food nor a perfect dog food company. I would also suggest rotation of foods for that reason.

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    I just saw today that SportDogFood is carrying it now.

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