Anyone try these homemade dog foods?

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    Helina J

    Hi, I have search on internet for the home made dog foods and found some of the best homemade dog foods. I am also looking to made some of these at my home. But let me know if anyone tried any of these foods to get some idea.

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    Royal Dog H

    i m really happy to read your comment . Before reading your comment i m confuse how to make dog food for my dog at home . so finally i read your comment and really thankful to you . Anyone tried to make this dog food for your dog in easy way .

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    Pat C

    @Helina J
    I just joined so not sure if you are using those recipes but I certainly hope NOT!

    No info on supplements that will be needed and not even info on calories or calcium/phosphorous ratio.

    None of them are balanced on their own and look to be heavy in carbs.

    DogAware has a great deal of info on nutrition and a good starting place to learn as well as recommendations on which books have balanced recipes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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