Anyone have a pooch with the pink cauliflower looking cysts?

Dog Food Advisor Forums Diet and Health Anyone have a pooch with the pink cauliflower looking cysts?

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    Karen D

    Pnut (Cocker spaniel)started getting them after age 7, Vet calls them Subcutaneous cysts & said for yrs to not worry about them unless they got big or bled, which some ended up doing & so we made the decision to have them removed 18 months ago even though we were told they will come back….well as she was under he found a whole lot more & ended up taking off 144 the first time. Most were very small so didn’t need stitches, but a few were eraser sized & one was as big as a quarter….she looked like she had been in a cat fight, poor thing, then more appeared & we did more surgery…this last time, vet just did a local on a couple & sniped them off, but now I see 3 eraser sized ones on her back foot & several tiny ones on her back & behind ears…..(sigh) sometimes they are referred to as “old dog warts”. She will be 14 in March so I think enough surgery!

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    Yes, she has had them forever. Did the surgery, it came back. Our dog is VERY furry so you don’t see them. Vet said unless they bother her, do nothing.

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    Karen D

    Susan D, same here, cept for the big brown one that was growing on the inside corner of her eye, & of course the quarter sized one on her side that started bleeding from it’s center.
    She has licked a couple on her front paws & then they disappeared….how odd is that? Vet has me giving her 10mg of Pepcid daily now for about 9 months & I really don’t know if it’s doing any good….she said it worked for children’s warts so was worth a try.

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    Brian L

    My 11 year old yorkie has had those cauliflower looking things (they bleed when scratched) cut off 3 times. He has more now, so this next time they are just going to give him a local and remove the big ones. They say that they are fairly common, I only remove them so he wont scratch or chew them off…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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