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    I tried feeding my little dog raw chicken bones for a while but stopped because I worried so much about him swallowing too long of pieces or jagged edged pieces and had read that some owners dogs died from eating raw bones. Today I was reading about it again and decided to give it another go. I gave him a raw chicken thigh bone tonight and saw that he got tired of trying to chew the middle long section which had got split in half and just decided to swallow it. It worries me terrible that a 2 inch long section of cracked bone is now working its way through his intestines. Especially since he isn’t behaving like he usually does. I just hate the worry. I don’t think I will ever do it again. I wish I had a grinder for raw bones.

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    I would contact a veterinarian asap as how to proceed

    PS: Grinding bones does not make it safer, they can still get an obstruction.

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    Alice B

    Oh dear, Anita how is your little guy doing, is he ok?

    I tried my 2 Yorkie boys on chicken wings & every time they would vomit 30 – 60 minutes after, No more bones for them
    I use to worry about the bones in their throat & belly!

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    Spy Car

    Anita, chicken thigh bones are great for 60 lb dogs, but not for ones who are 14 lbs. Try small portions of chicken breast ribs or smaller bones from Cornish game hens.


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    German S

    The German Shepherd is a breed of medium to large-sized working dog that originated in Germany. In the English language,  the breed’s officially recognized name is German Shepherd Dog.

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    Scott G

    We’ve been feeding our dogs raw chicken with bone for the last 15 years. First whole leg, now we grind whole bird (without skin). Our first dog started with chicken legs for several years. As she got older it became a little more problematic – sometimes the small knuckles wouldn’t get completely absorbed and she would throw them up. At some point she broke a tooth too, but we couldn’t rule out it wasn’t from a fall.

    About the same time we got our second dog (now 6 years ago) at 7 months old. He was raised on raw but was given whole bird chicken to share with his liter mates. When we adopted him we used whole legs as we were doing with our other dog but we think because it was a smaller piece he didn’t quite eat it completely enough and had a piece of bone stuck on the way out.

    At that point, we put them both on skinless ground chicken (meat, bone and gizzards). It isn’t as good for them because they don’t get the jaw exercise or the teeth cleaning but we feel we didn’t have a choice. Whole foods was grinding for us for 6 years, while but every other year it seems one store would discontinue doing it. So we changed stores from Long Beach, to Torrance, then lastly to DTLA. Now they wont do it at all so we just purchased a LEM #32 electric grinder . We’ll still have Whole Foods skin and chop up the chicken but we will have to run it through our own grinder.

    Our younger dog has learned to eat bone just fine now because he has caught quail and chipmunks and had no problem with them lol. So whole bird rather than pieces is probably a better option. Also to mention our dogs weigh 50 pounds.

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