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    Megan W

    My 7 year old pit bull was diagnosed with low grade lymphoma last December. The vet put her on a home made low carb, high protein and fat diet. She put her on immuplex, livaplex, thymex, catalyn from the Standard Process company and wei qi booster and stasis breaker chinese herbs. As for her food i have been giving her 1/2 cup of veggies (dark leafy greens, pumpkin sweet potato or squash, red peppers, alfalfa sprouts, blue berries, black berries, ect) and 1 cup of whole chicken quarters (minus bone) or ground beef, fish, lamb, ect with chicken liver or gizzards added in smaller ammounts. All food is lightly cooked, not raw. I add nordic naturals fish oil, and olive or coconut oil to her food. I also add seaweed calcium and a pinch of tumeric. I add a raw egg to her breakfast every other day.
    So far Natalia has been doing great and her monthly CBCs have been relatively stable. Around Febuary she did start a Chlorambucil/ Prednisone regiment because we found lympoma cells in her mammary chain. The vet wasnt too concerned but we felt like it was best to stay ahead of the game and stop any progression with some light chemo.
    My question as far as diet is this. Can I do anything better or different? I know there are people on this site who have been doing home cooked for a long time and i just want your input.

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    Hi Megan,
    I don’t know much about a cooked diet; I’d work with a holistic vet or nutritionist to make sure it is balanced. good luck with your dog!

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    Megan W

    Well thats what i am doing. I was just wondering if there were any other tips people had

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