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    Michelle K

    We have an 11 yr old male beagle. We’ve been feeding him Purina Beneful for at least 6 1/2 yrs but a friend recently told me about a lawsuit against Purina for stomach and related internal bleeding, liver malfunction, vomiting, etc caused by Beneful. We have noticed that he gets an upset stomach fairly often and are now wondering if it’s because of his food. We’d like to find a better, healthier food for him. He’s a couch potato, not very active. If anyone has any suggestions, we’d greatly appreciate it!

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    Mark C

    My dogs had issues with another food and I switched to acana. It’s been good but a bit costly, especially for three dogs. Now I am looking at Farmina’s low grain. I think it will be an alternative that’s affordable. The Acana for my guys worked really well and their waste has become more normal too. Hope it helps.

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    While I have not tried it, I have read that Nutri Source is good for sensitive stomachs. I suggest you do a very gradual transition; he’s beem eating a low quality food for a very long time. I’d swap a few kibbles of new for old…if he tolerates that with no problems, continue.

    Good luck!

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    Start giving him a multi strain probiotic daily. And you might start looking through the 3 star to 4 star food lists. I wouldn’t try a 5 star food right away.

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