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    Diana B

    I’ve always fed my dogs Acana because I came to feel that there were just too many recalls of American-made pet foods and too little oversight of ingredient quality. When the last one died, I went a year before adopting a new dog and just bought Acana for him out of habit. Tonight I had to go get a new bag of food and when I got home, I started reading the package information since the store didn’t have the formula I’d being using. I guess I’ve been out of the loop too long because I didn’t realize Acana had been bought by an American firm and is using mainly American-sourced ingredients.

    This is exactly what I don’t want. I frankly do not trust American-made dog foods nor American-sourced ingredients. For my confidence level, there are just too few regulations for pet foods in the U.S., too many recalls of American-made pet foods, and too much factory farming in the U.S. to have confidence in American-sourced pet food ingredients.

    So, are there any pet foods still being made in Canada of Canadian-sourced ingredients? And if not, are there any American-made pet foods that I might have reason to trust? Thanks for any advice you have.

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    Ana C

    I have the same concern. Go Fit! and Horizon Legacy are both made in Canada. My dog is doing good on it. However, the new concern is the grain free kibbles. I am also trying to find something else to rotate.

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    Nancy E

    I started using Performatrin from Pet Supermarket. It is made in Canada. I called them to find out where all the ingredients are from. The kibble is a bit larger and my dogs are not fond of that. I also use Fromms which is manufactured in Wisconsin and is family owned. It’s not easy to find a good healthy dog food for them anymore.

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    Reese B

    I’m rotating between Valens and Nutrience sub zero. They are both Canadian. My dog loves both of them. They’re both grain free, but the bulk of the food is meat. They have some peas and legumes, but they are listed farther down on the ingredient list so I feel better about feeding it.

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    Therese M

    FirstMate is made in Canada. They also make Kasiks. Our super picky dog loves the Pacific Ocean fish (she loves fish, hates salmon, ugh). We’re stopping that because it’s grain free and the vet is recommending all her patients switch to grains. I just noticed that they make grain inclusive food now so that’s fabulous! We’ll give that one a try.I emailed their customer service a lot before buying a big bag and they were so helpful. I even remember his name- thanks Josh!

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    Diana B

    My thanks to all of you, Ana, Nancy, Reece, and Therese for your responses – I love that I have a number of choices to consider for my dog!

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