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    Ruth C

    I have an 8 year old boxer, and for the past year she’s had several episodes in which she doesn’t feel well for a couple of days, throwing up or having diarrhea, but switching her to home cooked meals of chicken, rice and veggies usually did the trick. A week ago she started feeling restless, not eating and throwing up suddenly, and that same day the had diarrhea with blood and also threw up with a little blood. We took her to her hospital and after ultrasounds and X-rays they ruled out any tumors and concluded it was an acute gastritis due to the sticks and stuff she may have eaten on our walks in the forest. She was given cerenia and omeprazol as well as soft diet and the next day her stools were normal again. Yesterday she felt restless again and tried to throw up but nothing came up. After another consult with her vets they think all the gastrointestinal issues she’s experienced this year may be due to IBD as all her symptoms match and we are scheduling and appointment with the internal medicine department. She’s on cerenia again and doing good. Have you got any advice as to what diet/supplements/probiotics/enzymes have worked on your pups? Thanks in advance! They also gave us Royal Canin gastrointestinal food to mix with the home cooked meal I said above.

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    I am glad your vet is referring you to an internal medicine specialist. I hope he quickly diagnoses your dog’s condition and starts an effective treatment.

    In my opinion it is best to go by the treatment plan that your vet has provided.
    Including the prescription food. Don’t add anything other than the home cooked your vet approved.
    Not all supplements/probiotics/enzymes are benign, some have interactions and may interfere with the absorption of prescription meds. That includes over the counter meds.

    So, I would not give anything unless your vet approves. Seriously, you can make things worse.

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    Hi Ruth,
    She needs an Endoscope + Biopsies ASAP, I bet you she has Helicobacter Spiral bacteria, this is why she is eating sticks etc .they get BAD acid reflux & pain across stomach.
    My boy has IBD & was eating cat poo, plants etc, I asked his vet to do Endoscope + you need the “Biospies” some vets dont do Biospsies, then she needs to be put on Triple Therapy meds for 3 weeks, Metronidazole, Amoxicillin, Omeprazole taken every 12 hours with a meal, then when meds are finished you continue with 1 x 20mg Omeprazole in morning.. I just gave 1 x Omeprazole wile on the triple therapy meds feed a low fiber, high protein, low/med fat low carb food best Gluten free..

    Have a look at “Wellness Core” Large Breed dry food it has Probiotics easy to digest… instead on the R/C Gastrointestinal formula.

    I have to go bed, (Australia) I’ll post more in morning if not busy… are you on face book join this group “Dogs with IBD Holistic group” I’ll see you there hopefully, really good help..

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    joanne l

    I agree with Anon, give the food your vet recommended and don’t add anything else for now. If she gets better with just that great! But you have to give it a fair try. Remember every dog is different what works for one may not work for another.

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    @ Joanne, vet diets are great, but when a dog has acid reflux these vet diets are VERY high in omega oils, especially the R/C intestinal Low Fat wet can food…these oils can make acid reflux worse, I have to get paper towels & dab the R/C loaf dry before feeding it & remove all the oil first or Patch has a gulping swollowing attack, same as a few other dogs who are in Pancreatitis & IBD groups same happens with them….. Hills doesn’t seem to add as much omega oils in their I/d Digestive Care range…
    Better to feed fresh lean ingredients when dog has stomach problems, home made meals are better as you are adding your own ingredients….

    @ Ruth
    for 2-3 days feed lean home cooked meals no vet diet, then next 2-3 days just fed vet diet, see what days she doesnt want to vomit or feels nausous…With 20mg Omeprazole given once a day you will see result in 1-2 weeks as long as diet is agreeing with her??

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    Ruth C

    Thanks so much for all your advice! She had been doing great these past two days with the vet’s diet, and we had an appointment scheduled with internal medicine in about 4-5 days. Unfortunately this morning she didn’t want to eat/drink and had diarrhea. Now it’s 13pm and she’s eating and drinking again, we’re thinking about scheduling an appointment with another vet specialist this afternoon to get a second opinion since her internal medicine appointment isn’t for some days. @Susan I will ask this vet to look at her medical record and for a biopsy + endoscopy because we really want a definite diagnosis so that she can get on the road to recovery. I’ll ask about the helycobacter bacteria as well. I just feel like a need to get a second vet opinion since her regular one has given us a gastritis diagnosis at first and some others before suggesting she might have IBD, and I really want to make sure we get to the right diagnosis. Thanks again to all for the advice!

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    Joyce F

    We had a lab who was confirmed through a biopsy after 3 stomach surgery with IBD. He ate rugs, grass, sticks, pulled the batting out of blankets. Of course, vomiting. When you looked into his face you could he had an upset stomach. Long story short we had to limit the food he could eat. No corn, or chicken of any kind, including the fat from chicken. I had to watch even the wild bird food we fed, as may have corn, and he could not get into that. If he would get a bout (is what I called it), I would give his 2 Benadryl pills (not liquid). That would kick it right out. At the time the only food that work was pro plan sensitive stomach. Once under control Raven, he did great. He lived for 12.5 years.biopsy

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    Vernon P

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