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    Sheri N

    Recently, we have switched dog food for our dogs from Acana to Annamaet. (Since Acana switched to their American plant, their formula changes haven’t agreed with our dogs). One of our dogs, a Berger Picard, has always been a terrible eater all her life with a high metabolism and it has been a struggle to keep her at a healthy weight. I have tried fresh meats, fresh eggs (from our chickens), various toppers, etc…. Since switching to Annamaet, we have been much more successful in getting her to eat, but she still won’t eat enough, so I wanted to add a quality, high calorie supliment that wouldn’t add physically more food.
    Long story short, does anyone have any experience with Annamaet Impact supliment?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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