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    Debbie L

    On one of the other threads on here about dogs that lost legs due to accidents, one poster mentioned animals accepting other animals as if they were normal, and it brought back a memory of a dog and cat I’d seen on tv.

    I believe the story was on a series called Animal Miracles several years ago, about a lady who adopted a grown Old English Sheepdog named Sergeant Pepper. He was born deaf and blind, believed to be due to overbreeding of the parents. The lady said at first Sergeant was very aggressive and snapped at nearly everything. Shortly after she adopted a cat with three legs, and the cat she said calmed the dog down a lot and they became close friends. He quit being so aggressive and almost stopped snapping entirely.

    Sergeant Pepper was gently led around on leash and collar, and was eating food out of a bowl as well as any sighted animal. Even though he could not see or hear, he felt the warmth, love and acceptance from his owner and the cat. I’m not sure how old he was, but some years ago Sergeant passed and went to the Rainbow Bridge where he is free and well, with hearing and sight. I’m sure his great cat pal is still with him too.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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