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    My sweet Schmoopy has anal gland issues and needs to have them regularly expressed… every couple of months… Right now I have her on Vitality dog food in the AM (5 stars) and Natural Balance dry food in the evenings… Thinking about switching the PM food to raw… Any suggestions?

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    Feeding raw meaty bones helps to make the stool harder which helps to naturally release the anal glands. You need to really watch your dog when you first start feeding bones to make sure your dog chews up the bones instead of gulping. Starting with chicken necks works well or if you have a large dog turkey necks.

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    Jackie B

    Some dog breeds just have trouble with anal glands. Raw food (including the commercial raw diet) results in some of the firmest poop. Firm poop naturally expresses the dog’s anal glands when the dog defecates. Raw is worth a try!

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    one of my dogs has anal gland issues as well. She’s been on a raw food diet for 6 years. I haven’t found that it has made any difference, or helped express them. It isn’t difficult to do it yourself, if you are shown how. Angel is quite good about having it done. I just hold a paper towel over her bum when i drain them and it really isn’t very messy.

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    I 4 dogs and only 1 has anal gland issues, Laverne in my profile pic. She also seems to have mild allergies and can also have tear stains. I actually had to take her once to my holistic vet to have her glands expressed and they were almost impacted! My vet recommended giving her extra fiber, like metamucil. I started giving her metamucil (which is psyllium) then switched to metamucil clear and natural (which is inulin, a prebiotic). The clear and natural mixed better with her wet food. After awhile, I changed and now I give her Fresh Digest (which is a prebiotic and enzymes). This is doing the trick atm. She currently eats either Fromm grain free dry or Merrick Classic grain inclusive and a variety of grain free canned food (Weruva, Fromm, Simply Nourish, Wellness Stews).

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    My dog was struggling with this for the past year. I spent several hundred dollars taking her to the vet to have the glands expressed weekly, and then antibiotics prescribed by the vet, two rounds, over two months, and still not better. The vet wanted to do surgery to remove the glands, but at $1400 and a 12 year old large breed dog, I was reluctant. I let it go for awhile and the poor dog was licking daily…so I was just about to go ahead with surgery but in a last ditch effort I switched her from Chicken and Rice to lamb and RIce (kirkland) and ordered online a Homeopathic remedy,
    http://www.naturalcanine.com/AAGKH.html Silicea, and Hepar Sulph Calc. I thought for a mere $25 what did I have to loose? Well people, I SWEAR THIS WORKED and I am so happy for the first time in a year my dog is not licking anymore. Now in all fairness even the vet told me that eventually that sac would rupture and drain, not too pleasant for the dog….but I really watched my dog carefully go through all this over the past year, and I really do believe this homeopathic solution WORKED . For $25 it is worth a try. There are several pills, it is great value and will treat your dog more than once IF needed…..its a long process over several weeks and i had to write it all down on my calendar to keep track of the dosages but it comes with detailed instructions. PLEASE DO YOUR DOG A FAVOUR AND GIVE IT A TRY! If this works for you, you are only out $25…it is definately worth the attempt. I tried the pumpkin too for months but that didnt really work for my dog. Since I saw this miracle unfold I have been reading online about homeopathic remedies, and this is also used for humans (the Silicea) to help drain boils, and the Sulph is to fight the infection I believe. So I guess this is a common homeopathic remedy to drain infection from the body and also to keep those glands open to continue to drain. It is a miracle and I am not a person who often ventures outside of conventional medicine,but I have a new respect and interest in this homeopathic alternative now. The proof is that my dog is not licking anymore for the first time in a year. $25 beats the $700 I spent at the vet, plus the potential $1400 I was about to spend. Please give it a try and write back to let me know if it worked for you too! Its really a good feeling to see my dog not suffer anymore and to know I can easily afford this!

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    My soon to be 2yr old rescued pitmix seems to have a slightly different problem. Her glands seem to express themselves too often and at crazy times. We tell her she has stinky butt and she walks to the bathroom and waits patiently to be wiped and spritzed. I have taken her numerous times to the vet, only to be told “there is nothing there”…nothing there because it’s on my couch or carpet! I have taken to making her crazy HIGH fiber dog cookies at home..but we are not always consistent with how many she gets and how often throughout the day. Sometimes my kids give her a ton and other days not so many. She currently eats Wellness Complete Dry. I want to change her food to maybe something with more veggie fiber but the idea of switching her is not appealing. She has the most sensitive GI track and if she gets the runs…well that doesn’t help with her anal sacs. If we could keep her consistently draining them when she went out side for potty breaks that would be great. Unfortunately she can just be laying around and you get a whiff of it and want to die! Can anyone suggest a dry dog food that is good all around and might be higher in veggie fiber. So far she doesn’t have allergies but her eyes do get yucky if her ears start getting messy. She is a sweet girl and we love her ..and her stinky butt…but we would love for everyone’s sake if we could get rid of the stench. I am going to look into the miracle homeopathic stuff mentioned in an earlier post… maybe it will help her.

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    My dog used to have this issue. I have since added ground flax seed to his food-the fiber helps the glands express naturally. And he loves his “sprinkles” 🙂

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    I just want to ad to the above post. Yes flaxceed sprinkles looks like if it defn helps for
    the anal gland. I have used it now for 5 days and looks like if it helps. Thanks samlover

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    Chris S

    I was wondering how to get the dog to let you8 put the medicine under his tongue without squirming all over the place. I tried to use the Silicea as per another treatment & I couldn’t get him to stay still long enough to do it.

    Also did you give your dog both medicines at the same time under their tongue?

    I may try this.

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    The food supplements (not regulated by the FDA) mentioned are not medication. Read the fine print on the bottlle.

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