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    Cheryl O

    Many of the freeze dried raw diet foods that are ‘enthusiastically recommended’ have a significant amount of liver. I’ve heard that because of the high Vitamin A content of liver, this can be toxic to dogs. I’ve been feeding Stella and Chewy mixed with Wellness grain free. Also been giving Orijen freeze dried treats. Any comments?

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    How do you know they have a significant amount of liver? It should be 5% of the animal sourced portion of the diet, which would have it pretty high on the ingredient list.

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    You would actually need to contact the food companies and ask how much liver is in the diet or ask for a nutrient analysis rather than just assume that a food is high in liver since USA dog food companies aren’t required to list ingredients by percentage. Take Primal Beef Formula raw food for example. It has liver as ingredient number 2, but their analysis shows vitamin A within guidelines at 11765 (minimum 5000, max 250,000).


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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