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    Cheryl M

    Hi, not sure which category this should be in but I have a 3yr old small Akita and a 4yr old Border Collie. The BC weighs 42lbs and our Akita about 50lbs. We live on a farm so they have free range and get a fair amount of exercise. Neither is overweight, they both look very good. I have been feeding them Horizen Pulsar Fish for about a year mainly because it’s a bit cheaper than Orijen. However they go thru a 25lb bag in 2 weeks. To me this seems to be alot, the bag says for dogs 40lb range they should get 2cups a day. There is no way that is enough. I give them each 2 scoops which is about 4 cups. Our Akita always finishes hers and our BC sometimes finishes it, sometimes not. I’ve never had two dogs before, but this just seems like an awful lot of food they are going thru! I would welcome any comments. Thanks

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    Hound Dog Mom

    That doesn’t really sound like a lot of food to me. You can’t go by feeding recommendations on the bag – in my experience the recommendations found on the package are typically more suitable for less active dogs. My dogs have always been active and have generally eaten 1.5-2X the amount on the feeding chart to maintain ideal body condition. If you’re dogs aren’t overweight just keep doing what you’re doing.

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    My BCs eat about 1100-1300 kcals a day. They are each about 45 lbs and active. When I had GSDs they ate about 1800-2300 kcals a day. They were 60-85 lbs and active. The amount your feeding doesn’t sound like a lot for active dogs.

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